Off Grid Survival System Review – The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly.

Thank you for visiting my blog.  If you are looking for an honest in depth review on Off Grid Survival System by Survivalist Frank Mitchell, then you most certainly have found what you are looking for.

Important note: This review is totally unbiased.  The information given is my own personal opinion of the system after reading it for myself.  It is 100% truthful and I shall not hold anything from you.  I hope you enjoy the review and if you decide to purchase the system I hope you get as much out of it as I did.

This is a review site for: Off Grid Survival System by Frank Mitchell 

Off Grid Survival System



What exactly will you find in the Off Grid Survival System?

Well first and foremost Frank Mitchell does a great job in explaining what living off the grid actually is whilst debunking myths about off grid living.  In this system you will discover why living on the grid is becoming increasing unsafe and financially consuming.   Frank goes into detail about the daily threats we face and what being a survivalist truly entails.    The Off Grid Survival System discloses the ins and outs of green living on a budget with plenty of do-it-yourself project tips accompanied by instructional images. This program is so easy to follow that anyone who puts in the time and effort could be living off the grid in no time. In terms of information, you definitely get your money’s worth.

How Frank helps you customize the system to fit your needs:

Frank provides you with a checklist for your convenience.  This checklist will better help you take an assessment of your current home, just as it sits, and from there you define your goals.

Frank suggest speaking to a local expert and explains why in more detail.  Options are still available if you don’t have direct access to a water supply. Tips are offered for becoming water independent (outside of drilling a well), as welll as “kicking the natural gas and propane habit”.

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Here is why the system works:

Practical information that is neither expensive or extremely time consuming.   Small things like how to find air leaks and how to make the best out of a masonry fireplace brings you that much closer to relying less on gas and electric.  The system also covers emergency preparedness as well as solar options that no one is talking about.  The instructions for building your own personal solar structure are easy to follow and understand.   The book also explains why solar panels aren’t always the best choice and offers alternatives.  This system works because not only will you have a better grasp of the who, what, when, where and why of off grid living but it also keeps tactical survival in mind.


Now the bad things about Off Grid Survival System:

  • The program states the system works “easiest” for smaller and older homes since smaller homes are easier to heat and older homes were designed with natural ventilation in mind (instead of HVAC).  However it does say that newer homes have better insulation which can be a plus.  So, in my opinion, it wouldn’t be a useless system if you own a big new home.
  • I feel some things were left out like photovoltaic systems and Microhydro Power System. But to each his own, he may not agree that those are practical.
  • The system does not provide insight on accessing your water bill because typically water accessibility is very low.

The Ugly:

My only real gripe is the video on the site is way too long and you have to watch it in its entirety to buy the system.  Here’s a tip: If you are ready to buy the system you can bypass the video by X’ing out. When the prompt comes up asking you to stay, just click on the stay on this page button.  You’ll also receive a 25% discount this way. (that will be our secret).

So in conclusion:

Frank Mitchell’s Off Grid Survival System will definitely come in handy if and when you decide to go off the grid.  I think it’s perfect for someone who wants to sever the umbilical cord and provide energy and heating for themselves.  Couple this along with a good gardening guide and you’ll be well on your way to not only off grid survival but general green living, which is always a plus!  Frank Mitchell said it best at the end of the book… “Off grid living is possible but it depends on how much you’re willing to change”.

Best of luck!  Survive and Thrive!

Off Grid Survival System

Off Grid Survival

Safety is something we should all invest in.  Our livelihood depends on being prepared for as many uncontrollable threats as possible.  Some times we are subjected to events we simply cannot avoid.  As conditions worsen, our circumstances become open to a multitude of risks.

One real and imminent danger is Solar Flares.  

The day before this article was written, 28 (yes, that’s the actual number)  solar flares erupted over a 7 day period  See article here.  The good news is that none of the flares hit Earth. The ionosphere protects us from the sun’s discharge, but solar flares do pose a real threat to our communication and electrical grids.  It has happened before. In fact, it happened in the 19th Century see the Carrington Event of 1859. 

 A similar event today would cook computers, cell phones, vehicles and more.  It would also melt major transformers in the power net. These transformers take months or years to replace. Large parts of the planet i.e. all of North America — might be without electricity for a year or more!

Another likely threat is severe weather episodes.

Severe heat waves, winter storms, hurricanes and other severe weather events have left thousands across the country without power for days and weeks at a time.  Huge power outages are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to super storms and other weather anomalies. Our system is getting older and severe weather seems to be a frequent occurrence now-a-days.  We could easily lose everything if a superstorm ever decided to pay out town a visit.

One crisis that should also considered is a power grid cyber attack.

in a statement Sen. Edward J. Markey said “one of the single greatest threats to our national security is the vulnerability of our country’s electric grid to attack.”

Markey is a former senior member of the House Homeland Security Committee.

Markey continued to reiterate “National security experts agree that America’s grid remains vulnerable to cyber attacks that could result in widespread blackouts and devastate our security, economy and health”

Preparing for off grid survival should not be taken lightly.  Every single day we face the risk of having to survive without power.

Here are some items you can build yourself that will aid in your survival and safety.  These can be found in more detail in the Off Grid Survival System.

  • Solar panels with battery bank
  • Inverters
  • Powerless refrigeration
  • Solar water heater
  • Rain collector
  • fireplace hack for heating home

+ more

Lose your dependency on power or be prepared to lose power.

Off Grid Survival System







What is Living Off the Grid?

Living off the grid means freedom! Going off the grid frees you from your power bills and from your energy company’s stronghold. Off the grid living is self-reliant self-sufficient living using solar energy, wind power, well water or a rain capture system and so on and so forth.  Off grid living uses Mother Nature as the source.

Typically one would think this type of lifestyle is only feasible with a ton of money and a remote property in the middle of no where.  An off the grid lifestyle is often thought of as impractical for the everyday working Joe or Jane.    Going off the grid can be cumbersome, expensive, and inconvenient but it doesn’t have to be.

Frank Mitchell’s Off Grid Survival System – Free Heat and Power for ALL 

It’s very possible to live off the grid while living in your current home, thanks to technology advancements from the past and present.  Using what Frank Mitchell refers to as the “hybrid system” you can do many of the updates yourself and with little out of pocket cost.   His survival guide PDF has detailed instructions on how to live off the grid as well as survive off the grid if and when something causes the grid to fail.

Living off the grid isn’t just a way of life it is a very important survival tactic.  The American power grid is extremely overburdened and insufficiently secured.  In the future going off the grid may be inevitable. Off the grid homes offer a safeguard against any outside interference to your food, water, and power source.

Off grid survival is by far one of the most important events you should plan for.  Your family’s safety and security depends on it.

Family Survival System